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All seamless doors are the same. – FICTION. Some “seamless” doors are seamed-edge, using putty to fill the vertical seams. Other “seamless” doors have a combination of a stitch-weld and putty to fill the seam. All eNVy doors from Mesker are fully welded, seamless, with no bondo, putty, or filler.

Hiding the seam in a door edge is just for looks.
- FICTION. Although a fully welded, seamless door looks much better than a standard seamed-edge door, it is also much stronger, and will withstand the abuse of high traffic areas. That's why architects specify the new eNVy door from Mesker. You get the best of both worlds, and no filler.

The weakest part of a hollow metal door is often the seam. – FACT. The seam of the door is where it all comes together or all falls apart. Mesker's eNVy door turns the weakest part of the door into a bastion of strength. So strong that it comes with a lifetime structural weld warranty.

A stitch-welded door, with bondo, is just a good as a fully welded door with no bondo – FICTION. In a stitchwelded seamless door, temperature changes and constant use eventually cause the putty to crack and break out. The result is an undesirable appearance. In a fully welded seamless door, with no bondo, like the eNVy door, you get strength, quality, and beauty that won't crack or change over time. We guarantee it with our lifetime structural weld warranty



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Mesker Doors: NVS Door
Introducing the new, patent-pending, NVS door from Mesker. The FULLY WELDED, Seamless Door that more than DOUBLES the STRENGTH of a normal door, with NO BONDO, putty, or filler.
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design hardware

Design Hardware
At Design Hardware, we deliver outstanding field performance that locks out our competition.  Our manufacturing and strategic sourcing capabilities are exclusive for Design Hardware branded products and Distributors, setting us apart globally from all others.
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mid-am metal forming, inc

Midam Metal Products
For over two decades, Mid-Am Metal Forming, Inc. has helped the imaginations of architects, engineers, and designers take flight and take shape. In fact, every type of shape imaginable.
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AJ Washroom Accessories
Manufacturer of stainless steel mirrors, tissue dispensers, soap dispensers, hand and hair dryers, waste receptacles, grab bars, shower curtain rods, hotel / motel accessories.
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Dunbarton (Mirror Doors)
Dunbarton Door and Entry Systems began its innovative journey over sixty years ago in post-World War II Detroit, Michigan. William A. Ternes established Ternes Steel Company, Dunbarton’s founding company, in 1946 to develop military housing.
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